Our Property


Situated on the promontory overlooking the valley of the Abbey of Sant’Antimo, about 350 metres above sea level at the foot of the Mount Amiata volcano, the Visconti winery produces wine with the utmost care and respect for the environment following organic and vegan principles. The mixed soil is mostly stony limestone, and a microclimate created by the natural barrier of Mount Amiata, Poggio d’Arna, and the Orcia River, gives rise to fragrant wines that are rich in colour, with a pleasant acidity and tannins. Today the winery has 15 hectares Sangiovese and it is certified as an organic and vegan winery.


Our philosophy is to produce wines that respect the health and well-being of consumers, bringing small, loose clusters of organic Sangiovese grapes to the winery. The mixed nature of the land, exposure, microclimate, and age of the vines come together to define the concept of terroir and the identity of our wines, made following the traditional winemaking process.

The winery is very aware of the value of environmental sustainability, and has developed projects related to energy savings, the use of recycled materials, and innovative solutions with a low environmental impact.